BBIN and BVB Leaping to the Top in 2019 Championships

A whirlwind of yellow and black has been sweeping through the Bundesliga since August. Dortmund eagerly recruited many world-class players after their notable coach joined the team this season. The overall strength of the team's formation was immediately elevated and a new line-up was created. This successfully stirred up discussions and attracted worldwide attention. Since October, Dortmund has not had a taste of defeat with its winning streak. Their performance in the Bundesliga has surpassed that of the previous season's champion. The team is leaping right towards the highest throne. At...

Keep connecting with the World in the 3rd participation at ICE London

In 2017, BBIN participated in the world’s most notable gaming exhibition - ICE London- for the first time. After BBIN’s successful participations at ICE in 2017 and 2018, the company is marching into London for the third time in 2019, the 20th year of BBIN’s brand establishment. At ICE, BBIN will present its latest integrated services, technical support, and innovative spirit. As Asia’s leading software supplier, BBIN continues to demonstrate its core competencies and connect with the world at ICE’s international events. BBIN is looking forward to leading international clients into the Asian...

ICE Totally Gaming 2017

Nominated for 2017 AGA & EGR B2B AWARDS

Nominated for 2017 IGA AWARDS

Theodore Racing
Winning Second Place in the F3 World Cup

Sponsors Theodore Racing in 2016 Macau Grand Prix

BBIN & Theodore Racing
2016 Global Sponsorship

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