Sponsors in 2015 Macau Grand Prix

BBIN Group Sponsors André Couto on the 62nd Macau Grand Prix, 2015, FIA GT World Cup

BBIN has gradually grown into a successful recreation group from the leading online casino software and system provider in Asia and sponsors André Couto who is an international Automobile Racer on the 62nd Macau Grand Prix 2015 for the first time. The race will take place on November 19-22, 2015.

Macau Grand Prix, as the most famous prestigious international event of sports and tourism, is also deemed to be one of the finest racing circuits in the world. Last year, the 4 days event attracted 80 thousand spectators to watch the race, 650 thousand travelers to take a trip to Macau and the media attention from 27 countries worldwide. The event also wins the honor of TOP 20 luxury car racing that you cannot miss. BBIN Group has been devoted expertise in Asian for more than a decade and stands out in a global market for the past few years. For the purpose of business expansion, BBIN decides to sponsor No.1 ranked player on Japan Super GT300 2015, André Couto, who is also the first Macanese to win the Macau Grand Prix Formula Three in racing history and likes to participate in charitable activities in recent years. André Couto expresses his appreciation for the fully support of BBIN Group to win the 62nd Macau Grand Prix 2015 championship by recording a video.

BBIN Group has been developing in a variety of entertainment business and prepares to join different sponsorship on many kinds of activities. In the future, you will see BBIN involving and working in more entertainment events.

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