G2E Asia 2016

BBIN has been attending G2E Asia every year since 2013, and have brought wow factors to the market every time.

With 20 years’ experience of supporting over 500 clients through the services in Asia, BBIN uses the concept 「Best Bet All in One」which is going to be presented by main image 「Kaleidoscope」 in G2E Asia 2016. The idea of the exhibition booth design will be also around BBIN the latest brand ad and CIS color - vermilion, which represents eastern energy and conveys the core spirit of advantage in resource integration. Visitors will experience best products, services and recreation businesses at the exhibition.

「Best Bet All in One」is the slogan of BBIN, and is also a concept which is presented in G2E Asia 2016. Visitors experience best products, services and recreation businesses at the exhibition. Cross-platform Transfer Tech is the first spotlight in G2E Asia 2016. This tech is used to support gaming products, which can be mutual conversed between any physical devices and slot machines. Theme Baccarat, the latest BBIN Live Casino product, is introduced officially as well. Advanced Green Screen Shooting Technology is used to switch between different backgrounds such as nightclub, modern and holiday…etc. More awesome details are provided in the experience area at the booth.

Differentiation and localization are important in Asia market. The elements of BBIN products are coordinated with local holidays and events. Some new products related to international sporting events are also launched promptly. HTML5, which has just started to be widely used in the gaming products development, has successfully been applied on most BBIN products. BBIN platform system is upgraded with complete cash flow data, which provides clients with the most powerful and unique backend management system on the market. In the near future, Big Data Analysis will also be applied to optimize the performance of it.

In today’s mobile-first world, “make life convenient” is a key point that all companies have to take into consideration in their product development. BBIN Casino is a powerful App with all the gaming categories collected. More functions such as Online Payment, Bank Transfer, Trans Credit, Online Service and Member Center are offered. Best entertaining and convenient service are offered through its user friendly interface without a limit of time and space. And of course, all these are able to be experienced by visitors at G2E Asia 2016.

Cooperating with the local market pioneer is the best way to obtain the initiative advantages when starting the business. BBIN welcomes different cooperating opportunities from the world, and provides the advantages of professional sources to those who want to introduce their products into Asia. Of course, through non-stop innovating and endless improvement, BBIN will continue to affirm the position as Asia's dominant iGaming and software supplier.

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