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BBIN group is Asia's leading gaming system brand, supplying nearly 500 platform operators and accumulating more than 20 years of experience in the business. In 2017, BBIN will use its three main advantages in branding, services, and technology to convey the concept of being "the one and only portal to Asia'' as well as 2017's "Best Bet of Asia" by officially entering ICE, the world's largest gaming exhibition taking place in London, England.

As Asia's first gaming systems supplier, BBIN provides services throughout East Asia, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia; it is familiar with local markets as well as business development models. BBIN's display booth at ICE will use red palace doors as the focal point, using red and ink elements that symbolize the energy of the East; this is to integrate with the concept that BBIN is an important portal to enter the Asian market, as well as to demonstrate its brand image and vision to the world, conveying the brand's core spirit of resource consolidation.

BBIN is fully aware that product differentiation and localization are important factors in expanding into the Asian market. BBIN makes extensive use of HTML5 technology in its gaming products and imports local cultural festivals, current affairs, as well as other elements along with international standards to develop diverse, competitive products. Currently, BBIN is successfully providing the market with 12 Live Casino, 30 BB Luck games, as well as more than 100 Casino Games and 30,000 Sports betting products. BBIN actively engages with world-renowned brands such as Playtech, Asia Gaming, Allbet, Gold Deluxe, ORIENTAL GAME and more; its product volume is the highest in Asia.

"Game API" and "White Label Solution" are the two main services provided by BBIN. "Game API" can be integrated into existing client platforms to increase competitiveness. "White Label Solution" provides a complete website package for clients who have not created their own brands, who will receive professional and technical support until the website is online. In addition, BBIN's powerful content management system provides diversified regional financial management tool as well as activity analysis, along with 24-hour online services to provide clients the most efficient management assistance.

Innovative technologies are also another major focus in this year's exhibition for BBIN. Apart from displaying the “Remote Rolling Tech ", players are able to control the speed and the power of the roulette or dice tossing operations via remote devices, providing a more immersive entertainment experience. Using app integration technology, the GAME ZONE APP was launched in 2016; it not only consolidated all four gaming products, but also allowed users to sign in with a single key from anywhere, at anytime to enjoy each entertaining experience. Real-time features including online payments, bank transfers, trans credit, member center, and online services are also provided.

During this exhibition, BBIN will look forward to cooperating with other countries around the world. Through geographical advantages and integrated resources, BBIN hopes to continue its efforts to further develop its services and brand in order to realize its mission to become Asia's gaming portal.

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