G2E Asia 2017

At the start of 2017, BBIN Group held a strong advantage in branding, services, and technology, as well as the confidence of being "the best gateway to Asia". BBIN capitalized on these advantages as it made its first showing at the UK's ICE Totally Gaming, a globally recognized industry indicator. BBIN Group is back again at G2E Asia, bringing new products and directions for industrial development to the market.

"Best Bet of Asia" is not only BBIN's brand appeal for 2017; it is also BBIN's theme for this year's ICE and G2E Asia exhibitions. As the leading iGaming software supplier in Asia, BBIN has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the business. With both the White Label Solution and the Game API, BBIN's services are provided throughout East Asia, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and many other regions, to nearly 500 platform operators. This year's booth design for G2E Asia uses a large number of LED display walls to combine elements of red and ink, symbols of the East. This conveys the important image of BBIN's deep penetration of Asia and its leading position in the market.

BBIN’s display walls for its four big products are a focal point of the exhibition. Product differentiation and localization have always been distinguishing features of BBIN’s reputation in the industry. BBIN makes extensive use of HTML5 technology in its gaming products, and integrates local cultural festivals, current affairs and other elements into product development. BBIN also actively engages with world-renowned brands such as Microgaming, Playtech, Asia Gaming, Allbet, Gold Deluxe, ORIENTAL GAME and more; with its extensive and robust range of products, BBIN is the leader in Asia. At present, BBIN has successfully brought to market 12 types of Live Casino, 30 games of BB Luck, and more than 100 kinds of Casino Games and diverse Sports betting products.

In March this year, BBIN and Betconstruct worked together to launch New BB Sports, a major highlight in the exhibition. This is a new betting platform, with even more advanced features and services. New BB Sports not only supports nearly 40000 sports-related bets and e-sports events worldwide with a brand new interface, it also provides nearly 200 types of Events and Live Betting game play, including winner, handicap, measurement, and O/E. It also integrates the system with multiple simultaneous betting capabilities and statistics to provide analysis of each team's winning percentages. Visitors are able to learn more about the special features of New BB Sports in Asia through live hands-on demonstrations and introductions.

In addition, customers can experience BBIN's leading technologies in hardware and software first-hand. In addition to trying out the Remote Rolling Tech on-site, players are able to remotely control the speed and power with which the roulette wheel is spun or the dice are thrown. This promotes an immersive entertainment experience. Moreover, BBIN uses app integration technology to release the Game Zone App, which not only combines all four gaming products, but also allows users to log in with a single key anywhere, anytime to get their latest cash flow statistics. Real-time features including online payments, bank transfers, and trans credit. A member center and 24-hour exclusive online services are also provided, making mobile management easier.

BBIN is successfully demonstrating their innovative strength in products and services to the industry at G2E Asia in 2017. Through integration of the greatest competitive advantage in the industry, BBIN will continue to cooperate with countries around the world. The primary mission of BBIN is to satisfy customer and market demands by providing more comprehensive entertainment options.

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