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Step Up into Asia

In 2017, BBIN participated for the first time in the UK's ICE exhibition. As the leader in Asia, we projected the image of being the portal of Asia, successfully generating hype and attracting attention. In 2018, with the concept of “Step Up into Asia”, BBIN will continue to show the advantages of its brand competitiveness and core spirit of continuous innovation, and to display its grandeur as the leading gaming supplier of Asia.

With 20 years of experience in the Asian market, BBIN has provided over 500 clients with 2 partnership programs: “White Label Solution” and “Game API”. Its services are provided throughout East Asia, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. We emphasize the brand’s core spirit of helping clients grow and reach their peak of success. This year, the BBIN stand highlighted the grandeur of being the leader in the Asian market by the use of a vermillion staircase brushed with golden ink, while demonstrating the brand’s service diversification in the international market and resource integration capabilities. With international standards, BBIN thus provides the market with a more comprehensive range of entertainment options.

We understand that product differentiation and localization are key elements to expand in the Asian market. In addition to introducing local cultures and festivities into game development, BBIN now successfully provides the market with 13 types of live casino, 30 games of BB Luck, over 100 kinds of casino games, and more than 40000 sports betting products monthly. We have also been actively collaborating with international brands. BBIN's platform includes over 10 renowned brands such as Microgaming, Asia Gaming, Allbet, HABANERO, ORIENTAL GAME, Genesis, and Playtech; its product volume is the highest in Asia.

In addition, with Asia-leading R&D technology, BBIN also has the development advantage of being able to influence the industry. We not only have the ability to update its products with HTML5 tech more efficiently than other brands, but also specialize in management system innovation and diversified regional financial support. With 24-hour online customer service, BBIN provides the most competitive service support in the market.

Through the ICE, BBIN expects to express the core value of "building on the Asian market and achieving success together” to the international community. We will continue to cooperate with other countries to realize its mission as an iGaming portal in Asia.

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