BBIN and Borussia Dortmund Heading Together
Towards Champions League Glory

The 2018-19 UEFA Champions League season will start in mid-September. The Champions League is an annual competition organized by UEFA, and only the best teams from domestic leagues throughout Europe are qualified to compete. This makes the Champions League the club competition with the highest level of skill overall, as well as the most glorious and influential club competition in the world. The prize money on offer is also one of the highest among sporting events worldwide.

Borussia Dortmund has a record of strong performances in the Champions League, with one championship and one runner-up trophy. The club is eager to win further honors, with every player fully prepared to take on all opponents in the competition. The black-and-yellows have recruited a well-known manager and many elite players, to maximize the team's competitiveness. It is hoped that Dortmund will distinguish itself among the best clubs in Europe, and make its way through the semi-finals, to the finals, and all the way to the championship.

BBIN officially becomes a partner with BVB in the Greater China region in 2018, to offer its support to the team in its quest for European glory. BBIN is actively participating in international events, to demonstrate the strength of Asia's leading brand in online gaming, and to lead its global partners on the road to excellence.

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